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UX and Visual Design

A taste of what I've been up to...



This project's first great challenge was the complexity of the applications, and the required interactivity of these programs across an entire package. As this was a new arena in the corporate finance sector, we'd also be creating task flows... [more]


FundAmerica Technologies


This interface needed to be friendly and inviting to non-financial sector professionals, and yet retain the gravitas and strength of financial industry design. Intuitive UX design and simpler task flows were a hallmark of our release... [more]




This UI design required only two essential task flows, offering service packages and funneling users into one of these two available categories, with very little customer overlap. The idea here was to echo prevailing... [more]

CapSchedule logo

Crowd Realty Advisors


This well-funded real estate crowdfunding upstart out of New York needed a enticing and modern interface design... fast.

Bliss River Painting

Secular Seasons


An interactive event and holiday calendar designed with a whimsical nod to the celestial calendars of antiquity.

Bliss River Painting

Between The Cheats


This philanthropically motivated start-up that wanted to bring professional and lay therapy to the anguished where ever they might be, was sadly, an idea ahead of its time, and technology.

Print Design.

Almost exclusively, the work I've done has demanded both visual design and print design expertise; the print design usually in the form of collateral, marketing or branding materials, and sometimes much more.


Back in the day, I would find a client who needed only print design. While I've created posters, advertising, magazines, banners and much more, this is not really a focus for me. Below are a few of the books I've designed.

The Crowdfunding Textbook


The massive expansion of crowdfunding potential for corporate investment made possible by the JOBS Act created a entire new field of investment, but with no rules, no guidelines or standards. While helping to create these protocols through the development of FundAmerica, it seemed only natural to create The CrowdFunding Textbook.

The Crowdfunding Textbook by Scott Purcell

Queen Jane's Version


In the days before on-demand printing and such sites as CafePress or Lulu, author Douglas Rankin had a book, a controversial book, and no idea how to go about getting it published. From cover to cover, I designed, formatted, and shepherded this massive tome to the publisher, as well as managing both the author and the illustrator.

cover of Queen Jane's Version by Doug Rankin

The Darwin Day Project


As part of the 2002 International Darwin Day Celebration. I designed the cover and content of The Single Best Idea, Ever. The idea behind the cover design was to recognize the weight of history with the selection of the representation of an aged Charles Darwin, but also the powerful legacy of his discoveries as the book itself was filled with essays from the leading thinkers of today.

The cover of The Single Best Idea Ever, Darwin Day 2002

Internet Infidels


The Internet Infidels are a philosophical and political student organization which was, at the time, looking to solidify their position in the wilds of the emerging information superhighway, especially among students and other such rabble-rousers as the 18-24 demographic.

Internet Infidels t-shirt design
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