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the job: 

FundAmerica Technologies

type: corporate crowdfunding/investment

skills: user experience design, graphic design, web design & development

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About the Project:

The FundAmerica Technologies project was created as the software and technical services arm of FundAmerica.


I developed user demographic profiles for FundAmerica Technologies which were similar to those developed for the initial FundAmerica project, with some slight variations: the financial technical professional (brokers, CFOs, bankers) and entrepreneurial third-party service providers (accountants, business consultants) became our anticipated primary demo target.


The interface needed to be friendly and inviting to non-financial sector professionals, and yet retain the gravitas and strength of financial industry design. Intuitive UX design and simpler task flows were a hallmark of our release. The site also had to be flexible across multiple devices to ensure a consistent and useful user experience.


As sole UX designer on this project, I was responsible for crafting an engaging user experience, designing intuitive interactions and an interface with clean aesthetic and high learnability.


I also designed collateral marketing material in support of FundAmerica Technologies, creatin printed branded marketing materials playing off of the site design for presentation at crowdfunding conferences and industry events.


The current website has since been given a flat-design makeover, and lost some of the usability strides I had originally implemented into the process.


Toolkit: wireframing, prototyping, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PageSpinner, TextWrangler, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.

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