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Demo Sites

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Travel site prototype
GenHex mock-up
Red Paddle mock-up
KBXA Radio mock-up

Over the years I have created a number of mock websites designed to populate demos and highlight a specific product, service or application.


These demonstration sites are a fun and challenging distraction. Not only did they allow me to create entire companies from scratch, but also to develop a wide spectrum of personas, imagining an array of users with specific tasks, unique situations and individual needs. What this means is that I get to plumb my experience and create interface structures, design, colors, and text.


While there only cursory wireframing for these theoretical constructions, prototyping was thorough. And as they were essentially lifeless, unfortunately no user interactions ever occurred, leaving the task flows untested.


This page highlights a few examples of these demo websites.


Toolkit: UX, wireframing, prototyping, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PageSpinner, TextWrangler, HTML, CSS, javascript.

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