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the job: 

Crowd Realty Advisors

type: corporate crowdfunding/investment/real estate

skills: user experience design, graphic design, web design & development  |  online:

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About the Project:

Crowd Realty Advisors is a high-end realty investment firm with the specific mission of unleashing new crowdfunding regulations to help people invest in real estate with their savings, without incurring tax or penalties.


With a very focused business model, this project required a narrow user task flow – simplicity and hyper-efficiency driving the interface design. With only a few high-end offerings available at any one time, the user needed to be able to find the available investment information quickly, have easy access to all available decision points leading to a clear call to action – making contact. Plus the interface design demanded the flexibility needed to ensure consistent and useful user experiences across multiple devices.


With an eye toward welcoming and guiding the user, I created concept wireframes highlighting a brighter, professional design. This project ultimately required an understanding of the crowdfunding and real estate markets to draw the user into the decision funnel as presented. In a situation where trust was paramount, I designed overall interaction, navigation and informational interfaces, as well as help and overview pages.



After several iterations, included hand-coding the first prototype, and working with two different technology partners' proprietary content management systems, we landed on using WordPress as the final platform. Offering robust customization options, the platform served well the clients' desires to enhance their social media presence by offering a blog, and take full advantage of powerful SEO tools.


With offices in New York and California, it was my responsibility to deliver a modern and accessible design, while communicating with both coastal offices to achieve maximum results.


Toolkit: wireframing, prototyping, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, CMS, TextWrangler, HTML, CSS.

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