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the job: 


type: financial & crowdfunding related services

skills: user experience design, graphic design, web design & development

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About the Project:

CapSchedule is an ancillary enterprise created in support of FundAmerica. The aim of which was to offer those services that were required by new crowdfunding legistation, but that did not exist at the time, including some of the more daunting accounting and filing requirements of corporate crowdfunding and shareholder management.


The personas developed for CapSchedule were based in large part on those I created for FundAmerica Technologies, but more targeted due to the focus of the company: institutional, corporate and private financial professionals (brokers, CFOs, bankers) were the primary demographic.


The user interface design for CapSchedule was far more focused, offering two essential service packages and funneling users into one of these two available categories, with very little customer overlap. The idea here was to echo prevailing financial industry web design aesthetics while enhancing the interaction efficiencies and keeping visuals consistent across the two user category sets.


Toolkit: wireframing, prototyping, Adobe Photoshop, PageSpinner, TextWrangler, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign.

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