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Dave Feroe

UX Design, Visual Design, Web and Print Design, Creative.

I am a Denver-based national designer with a deep fascination in User Experience design and a wide variety of professional design expertise. With a passion for gorgeous, functional and efficient user, interaction, graphic and visual design, I stand ready to help.


Certification: UX Certified Designer. Awarded by the Neilsen Norman Group, 2015.



Without the user, there would be no web, no internet, and no internet of things. We generally behave predictably based on a common evolution and a shared psychology (and when we don't, things really get interesting)... this is the foundation of user experience design.


Even understanding all of this, by dint of poor design, companies continue to throw up roadblocks for their customers, making it at least counter-intuitive, and at worst incredibly difficult, to engage and to buy... they are actively blocking their own success.


It's crazy. Gorgeous and enticing design is part of the equation, but it's not enough... not alone. And that's where User Experience Design comes in.



Design is the art of engaging the user, and this can be accomplished emotionally or intellectually, subtly or overtly. Truly excellent design succeeds on all of these levels simultaneously... beckoning and whispering and directing the user all at the same time.


In addition to user experience and user interface design, I've worked on web development, as well as creating print designs such as logos and branding, media guides, books, brochures, clothing, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, posters and marketing materials like signage, flyers, posters and promotional event media.



It is my dubious honor to claim the title of King of the Unexalted Start-Up. I have spent the last ten years working with a small and deeply experienced entrepreneurial team, creating a series of web, mobile-web and mobile-based start-ups in arenas as diverse as debt & equity finance, social networking, internet search, custom & celebrity email, geneology and more.


Each endeavor was a genuine attempt to create, innovate, and promote a solution to a problem, or an answer to a question that no one had yet asked.


The most recent start-up (FundAmerica) had netted over $1.5 million dollars in venture capital to date, but ultimately had to be scaled back.

UX design

UI design



experience design


visual design

graphic design

web design

print design

web dev









Hand Coding with TextWrangler
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Acrobat
User Experience Design
CSS (cascading style sheets)
Adobe Photoshop
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