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the job: 

Queen Jane's Version

type: education, religious history, satire

skills: graphic design, print design, branding  |  online: view the book on Amazon | online: view the book on GoodReads

About the Project:

The design and formatting of Queen Jane's Version was a mammoth undertaking. The book's cover concept called out for an air of antiquity... and humor. I drew my design inspiration from, among others, the animations of Terry Gilliam. The sheer size of the book (1,100 + pages) added to the difficulty of the task, as well as the fact that the interior text is flagged throughout with icons devised to aid the reader in identifying themes and notable passages. As designer I controlled all creative aspects of the production, including the hiring and managing of the illustrator (for QJV's interior illustrations).


Toolkit: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign

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