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the job: 

The Germany Law Firm

type: legal, probate law

media: web design & development, print design, branding  |  online:

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About the Project:

Nancy Germany (she goes by Susie) was an accomplished lawyer with a small website and no branding; awash in a sea of cookie-cutter legal websites, each trying to look more corporate and hyper-masculine than the last, she needed help. It was very apparent that a professional with her vast experience in elder and family law needed a friendly place online for potential customers to explore their options.


Friendly, trustworthy and approachable were the watchwords of this pre-web 2.0 design.


Along with a brand new website, I also created branding for the Germany Law Firm to dovetail with the website design.


Tools used include: Abode Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PageSpinner, TextWrangler, HTML, CSS.

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